Omojuyigbe Sunday Timothy


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A graduate of Economics from the University of Abuja, a professional member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and an Associate member of Accounting Technicians West Africa (ATSWA). He has put in dedicated years of service with Auditing firm, where he started as a trainee and climbed the professional ladder to the position of senior Audit staff. He has on several cases co-investigated fraud and carries out corporate reformation. He has served and gained experience in several industries- service, construction, mining, not-for-profit making to mention a few. He is a seasoned Auditor, a Lecturer of Financial Account and Statistics with some publications to his credit. He has over time cut his teeth in ensuring efficiency and customer’s satisfaction in Tax Planning and Value Added Audit. He is a valued and senior member of our management.

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    Donald Simpson
    Chairman, Bluewater Corp
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