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Mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions in your life, hence, mortgage lending has been seen as the primary mechanism used in many countries to finance private ownership or residential and commercial property which Nigeria is not an exemption. Having understood this plethora advantages of mortgage in property acquisition by the individual and the public sector, Dox Consult offers the choice of all leading mortgage products in Nigeria from a single window source as we work closely with a wide network of banks, that has puts us in perfect position to assist our clients much better in choosing the mortgage products and services that are ideal for them. With the host of our mortgage professionals we have decided to create a business opportunity ground through our mortgage and property consultancy service that would ease the accommodation tension being faced by many in our present society. Our research has shown that, among the three basic necessity of life which are clothes, food and shelter, the shelter (house) has become as important as life itself. For without it nothing would be achieved in life because it is believed that it provides comfort to every person. Dox Consult is a service reliable organization established and equipped with team of young and professional accountant, administrators, media specialists and mortgage advisors to see how to create a platform where better and convenient mortgage and properties services can be offered to the people with the best repayment or options that would suit their choices. With a market leading team of mortgage professionals, Dox Consult can create solutions for both large and small clients. Mortgage and property services have been seen as an essential part of human existence. As blood is essential to human life so also is the service of mortgage and property to the survival of human nature. This enables Dox consult proactively decide to partner with key mortgage institutions that would enhance and develop the best solution to mortgage issues of any kind to its clients. Since everybody needs comfort, Dox being an organization that is passionate about human well-being provides an opportunity that would enhance every one the chance of becoming a house owner. Access to good and conducive house can only be achieved when there is a better mortgage plan to acquire such home by a professional mortgage service provider. This is what our organization has seen as priority over the years in creating a good business experience in the memories of its clients. We are all time ready to put smiles on the face of our clients. We ensure that our loan is secured on the borrower’s property. We offer mortgage services to both individual mortgaging their homes and business mortgaging commercial property (e.g. their own business premises, residential property let to tenants or an investment portfolio) We move further in organizing seminars for our potentials clients. Through this seminars, our clients are educated and enlightened on our mortgage services and products thereby allowing them the means to be acquainted to our current and existing mortgage facilities. We also aim at creating a good inter-relationship atmosphere that enables our customers to have a good communication link between the various mortgage institutions such as the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) and other financial institutions.

Our Mortgage and Property Services:

Taking that first step can be exciting, while still being fairly besieged by doubts, uncertainties and a need for professional guidance. At Dox, we recognize that a complex choice like mortgage finance can be really simplified if you have the right advisor on your side. An advisor truly committed to your priorities will present your case to the Bank and steer your engagement so that you are able to achieve the best outcome. A good advisor will also help customers avoid being either overcautious or riskily adventurous. By helping you consider possible long-term scenarios, Dox will help you maximize a complex decision that is linked to a long-term commitment to a bank or financial institution. At Dox, we take you through several different possible scenarios that help you to make an educated mortgage finance decision. This also enables our experts to pinpoint the ideal mortgage finance plan that will best serve your interest. We do this while ensuring complete transparency in the entire process so that your choice will be easy for you to abide by, and your financial commitment will not unduly overstretch your budgets or compromise your lifestyle. Added to that, we educate you on the basic mortgage terminology so that you understand your mortgage contracts better. Our advisors are competent and friendly to set your mind at ease with respect to any apprehensions that you may have about mortgages.
In the Nigeria today, more than 20 banks and financial institutions offer a variety of mortgage products. Each of these banks target a specific customer segment and formulate mortgage products that are aimed particularly at that segment, with the best product and pricing offer to appeal to that specific audience. Given that huge spectrum of mortgage options to choose from, finding the right product and best pricing is a daunting task. So, how do you pick what is perfect for you? At Dox, our experts liaise closely with an extensive network of banks. That puts us in the perfect state to assist you much better in choosing the mortgage products or services that you would never regret. Being well versed and well experienced with Nigeria banking practices and processes, we are confident that we can help to pilot your transaction from beginning to end in stress free and hassle free manner.
Banks are understandably very selective when financing commercial properties. Therefore, it is wisest to look for properties in commercial projects that have already been approved for end user financing by banks. At Dox, we have the expertise needed to provide you with a comprehensive list of all leading commercial projects that have been approved for end user finance by various banks. This facilitates access to the ideal mortgage finance option and saves your precious time, while assuring you peace of mind.
Given the fluctuations and variety in mortgage rates, it may turn out to be quite likely that you may be dissatisfied with your existing mortgage finance terms; and you may be considering transferring your mortgage commitment to another bank or financial institutions. This is yet another area where our experts at Dox can help you to make a well-informed choice. Remember that most banks and financial institution would like to retain you and hold you to your existing mortgage product. This explains why they set high mortgage transfer charges. Please be sure to review your existing agreement to understand the cost of transferring the mortgage.
Most people avail finance at expensive rates without tapping into the positive equity of their property. At Dox’ix, we can help you to get the funds that you need at attractive terms against your property's equity value even if your property is already mortgaged.

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